Photoshop CS6 (beta) I’m converted!

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     So anyone who hasn’t done so already, download the new Photoshop CS6 beta version, FOR FREE!

     OK so with that done let me introduce you to the first photoshop I am extremely excited about using! I am by nature an Illustrator user. The clean solid style with the relative ease of creating intricate and simple shapes by just cutting adding and editing vector shapes has always appealed to me… I make everything from logos to websites using it, and I have been happy doing so… until now that is…

     I just downloaded the beta, and knowing very little of 3D made an extrusion of thePENTHOUSEPROJECT logo, with a click of a button! Whoa… this is pretty epic… along the way I noticed (along the super clean and dark interface) some very illustrator looking buttons. Align, pathfinder, character styles… Whoa, this is getting too much. Yes I am rambling. But if you are skeptical, just try it!

     As I was reading a review about it by Gizmodo. I became more and more enthusiastic. Its all about improving the basics he says: ‘concentrate on the basics, that 10 per cent that does the 90 per cent of the work’. Not just another add-it-on-because-someone-someday-will-use-it-sometime… no! this is improving stuff we’re all gonna use, everyday! Stuff we use from other programs, like the non-destructive crop feature in Lightroom, and an epic new RAW algorithm… Booyeah! Bring on the goodness!

     Well I only just opened the program and now I’m spilling my guts about it, so just try it out and see the awesomeness for yourselves… happy Photoshoping!

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